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5179 - SCI - Playa Caracol - 8 Villas Apartments “Oasis”
Precast | December 19, 2022
5179 – SCI – Playa Caracol – 8 Villas Apartments “Oasis”

We are proud to announce that SCI Prowall has awarded us a new project in the community “Playa Caracol”. This project consists of 8 Villas Apartments and is located in Chame, Panamá Oeste. Each apartment building has 3 floors, with 2 apartments each on floor 1 and 2, and 1 Penthouse on floor 3. GLC has assigned 2 experienced teams…

5176 – Hacienda los Establos – 5 houses installed in 5 days!
Precast | November 26, 2022
5176 – Hacienda los Establos – 5 houses installed in 5 days!

On Monday 21 November 2022 we started the project “Hacienda los Establos” in La Chorrera. This project consists of 5 houses of 180M2 prefabricated concrete panels, weighing a total of 50 Metric Tonnes per house. SCI Prowall and Gatun Lake Construction have installed all 5 houses in 5 days, which is a major accomplishment and has set a new record…

5167 - Brisas de Santiago
Precast | April 13, 2022
5167 – Brisas de Santiago

SCI Prowall has awarded us the contract to install the prefabricated concrete panels for 12 houses in La Peña near Santiago. This is the first phase of a project of 300 houses. The works will start this week and we expect to complete the installation of phase 1 in 4 weeks. Our team is motivated to deliver this project to…

Distribution Center Supermarket "El Rey"
Precast | March 24, 2022
Distribution Center Supermarket “El Rey”

GLC has been awarded the installation works of prefabricated concrete elements for 6 new warehouses in Pacora. This prestigious project is situated close to Tocumen Airport and willfunction as the main distribution center for the Supermarket Group El Rey. GLC has been awarded the project by SCI Prowall andwe work as a subcontractor in this project.Our teams are responsible for…

SCI PROWALL - Las Mañanitas
Precast | March 24, 2022
SCI PROWALL – Las Mañanitas

In December 2020 GLC was awarded the project to install precast panels for 15 housesin Las Mañanitas residential area.The project was off to a good start but then the country went inlock down and the project was suspended during the first 2 weeks of 2021. We picked up theworks by 3rd week of January and completed the project in March…

GLC Division “Precast Installations”
Precast | March 24, 2022
GLC Division “Precast Installations”

At GLC we started a new division in December 2020. The new division is specialized in precast concrete panel installations. GLS has become a panel installation constructionpartner for SCI Prowall. The projects are of larger scale and usually involve installation of minimum 10 houses per project.