Mission & Vision


At Gatun Lake Construction S.A. (GLC), our mission is to lead the evolution of construction in Panama and beyond. Through our innovative building system, FRESH, we are committed to crafting sustainable, resilient, and uniquely tailored living spaces. Our relentless pursuit of excellence, client-centric approach, and dedication to environmental responsibility define our mission to shape the future of construction with integrity and ingenuity.


Envisioning a landscape where construction harmonizes seamlessly with the environment, GLC aspires to be the forefront innovator. With FRESH as our beacon, we envision a future where every project is a testament to cutting-edge design, speed, and eco-consciousness. We strive to set new industry standards, leaving an indelible mark on the construction landscape, and fostering a legacy of trust, innovation, and sustainable living.

Our Team

Our team, with its’ combined experience and knowledge, yields a unique blend of creativity and exceptional performance. In addition, it is our personal commitment to establish and provide a reliable and trustworthy relationship with our clients. Rest assured that you can rely upon such commitment, and expect professionalism from the Gatun Lake Construction team at all times. We are friendly, considerate upon all our clients’ requests, and above all, strive for excellence.

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