About GLC

Gatun Lake Construction – where innovation meets enduring excellence in Panama’s construction scene. Since 2012, we’ve been redefining quality with a unique blend of Panamanian flair and European standards.

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Our Divisions

  • • Embrace innovation with GLC’s FRESH Building System.
  • • Revolutionize construction with speed, flexibility, and sustainability.
  • • Modular design meets creative freedom for efficient, stylish dream homes.
Conventional Construction
  • • Tradition meets expertise in GLC’s Conventional Construction division.
  • • Utilizing concrete, hollow blocks, and proven materials for robust structures.
  • • Excellence in bringing visions to life with reliable, time-tested methods.
Precast Concrete Construction
  • • Step into the future of durability and efficiency with GLC’s Precast Concrete Construction.
  • • Leveraging precast components for strength and innovation.
  • • Faster, resilient construction that meets the demands of modern living.
Project Development (Special Projects)
  • • Elevate aspirations with GLC’s Project Development division.
  • • Special Projects pushing the boundaries of construction possibilities.
  • • From concept to reality, turning ambitious ideas into awe-inspiring structures.

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